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This is the Danger of Fast Food that Can Lurk You

Fast food or junk food does have a good taste, but this type of food contains high calories and little nutrition. Not only that, the habit of eating fast food is also associated with an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, to cancer. Many kinds of foods that can spoil your tongue. One of them is fast food. This food is loved by all groups, ranging from children to adults. Examples of popular fast foods are french fries, pizza, fried chicken, and hamburgers. Dangers of Fast Food for Your Body Fast food is a food that is very easy and quickly processed as a substitute for home food. Besides being high in calories, these foods also contain lots of sugar, fat (especially cholesterol), and salt. Some fast food restaurants even use vegetable oil that contains a lot of trans oil or saturated fat to fry the food. In fact, the oil is not good for the body because it can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. People who have high blood pressure and diabetes are adv
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Various Effects of Vitamin A Deficiency on Pregnant Women

The impact of vitamin A deficiency on pregnant women is not the same as its effects in general. This is because vitamin A deficiency will also affect the condition of the uterus and the fetus. Vitamin A is needed in various stages and phases of a woman's life. During pregnancy, vitamin A is needed for the development process of the fetus's heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, and bones. After giving birth, vitamin A can help improve maternal body tissue, reduce the risk of infection, strengthen the immune system, and maintain vision health. Impact of Vitamin A Deficiency on Pregnant Women In pregnant women, vitamin A deficiency usually occurs in the third trimester. This is caused by an increased need for vitamin A due to increased blood volume and rapid fetal development. Although it is rare, vitamin A deficiency will usually cause vision problems and immune system weakness. In addition, pregnant women who experience vitamin A deficiency can also experience the following effect

These Drugs Can Make Your Body Fat

Some people may feel that their weight has not decreased, even though they are already on a diet and exercise. This could be caused by the consumption of certain drugs. Some types of drugs can make you fat. In addition to body fattening drugs that are intended to stimulate appetite and make the body's metabolic system slower to burn calories, there are also drugs that aim to overcome other diseases but have similar effects. These drugs, if taken regularly in the long run, can facilitate weight gain. Various Drugs That Can Increase Weight To prevent excessive weight gain because of the influence of drugs, it is worth looking at several types of drugs that can trigger the following weight gain: Medication to prevent migraines and seizures Medications to treat seizures and headaches due to migraines can affect appetite hormones and hunger. As a result, the body's metabolism slows, hunger increases, and the body stores more fluids. Groups of migraine and seizures that h